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  1. DAC Training will provide the following services to the student
a) Provide Application forms to enable commencement of LGV Training
Medical Examination Form
Provisional Licence Application form
b) Provide Theory Test Training materials
c) Book the first LGV Theory Test, and Practical LGV Cat C & C+E Tests
d) Provide a clear scale of costs for services
e) Discuss with the student know available packages to fund their training.
f) Provide a job finder service – we will assist in finding a job by marketing your
skills to companies in our database with suitable vacancies –our job finder service
does not guarantee you a job or interview.
2. Requirements of the student
a) The Student will provide full and accurate information to DAC Training at all
b) The Student will show to the Theory Test Centre on test day, a recognised form
of Photographic Identification
c) Theory tests booked with the DSA on behalf of the student will be subject to
DSA terms and conditions, in relation to cancellation and/or refund of any
monies paid.
d) The Student will show to the DSA Examiner on their Test day both parts of their
current driving licence, and in the case of Cat C testing their Theory Test Pass
e) If the conditions in c and d above are not met the student will have to forfeit the
test, and any fees paid to DAC Training
f) The Student will be in possession of all necessary legal driving documents at all
times whilst undertaking a course
g) It is the responsibility of the Student to ensure that the Provisional Entitlement
for the correct class of vehicle has been added to his/her driving licence by the
DVLA prior to the commencement of training.
h) Any Student without the correct entitlement will not be Legally allowed to train.
All monies paid towards course fees will be forfeited
i) If a Student is banned from driving at any point during the course – all
monies/aid are non-refundable
j) If the Student is considered by DAC Training or in the case of one of DAC
training’s accredited partners, to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal
drugs at any time during the course. The course will be terminated with
immediate effect, and all fees will be forfeited by the student
k) Course times and attendance - Students must adhere to course times and
attendance as set out in their training schedule. Costs related to failure to attend
any part of the course, or late arrival
l) will be forfeited by the student.
m) Fitness to Attend – Students must ensure that they are free from any ailments or
injuries that would affect their ability to participate in the practical elements of
the course.
n) Where a Student falls ill and cannot attend all or part of the training program, the
cost fees for the relevant sessions will be forfeited.
3. Training With DAC Training
a) DAC Training will ensure that vehicles and/or any other Equipment used for
training purposes will be correctly licensed and fully maintained to the required
standards for the type of training provided. Vehicles will be inspected and
maintained at regular intervals in accordance with VOSA [Vehicle Operator
Services Agency] vehicle operator standards, requirements.
b) In the event that a Vehicle is not considered to be of the required standard either
by DAC Training or the LGV driving examiner, an alternative vehicle shall be
provided. In the event that an alternative vehicle cannot be provided, DAC
Training shall arrange for the Student to have further training to make up for any
lost time
c) DAC Training shall ensure that only DSA approved personnel or their equivalent
provide the actual training.
d) If you feel that we have not provided any of the above you must let us know of
the issue you have with the training on the same day so that we can come to a
e) DAC Training cannot be held responsible for any incident or occurrence outside
its control that effects the provision of any given course date, course forecast,
course content or course timing and/or including cancellation, amendment or rescheduling
for whatever reason.
f) DAC Training cannot be held responsible for any practical test being cancelled by
the DSA [Driving Standards Agency]. Any re-fund claim should be addressed
directly to the DSA and in accordance with their terms and condition.
g) DSA provided Theory and Practical Tests are additionally subject to the terms and
conditions of the DSA
h) Any pre or post training complaints should be directed to customer services by
telephone and in writing and sent “Recorded delivery”, and not later that 7 days
after the incident. DAC Training will endeavour to resolve the issue within 21
i) In accordance with the Customer Protection Distance Selling Regulations 2000,
when a course is booked without face to face contact, the Student may cancel a
Contract within 7 days of that contract being concluded.
j) Subject to the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 “cooling off period” refereed to
above- all monies paid towards the course fees as either deposits, part payments,
balance payments or any form of instalment payment outside the aforementioned
“cooling off period” are non refundable or transferable.
k) Any balance or payment made on a credit card will be subject to a 3% handling
fee, which is not refundable

 D.A.C. Recruitment and Training

 Fullerton Road



 S60 1DH

01709 788 200

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